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Genuine long-lasting brushes!


French manufacture crafting the finest and beautiful brushes for Home since 1947. Their craftsmen are the guardians of unique and outstanding traditions.

With their magnificent design, the brushes are leaving the closet!

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Wine Amateur best friend for life


The French famous brand and workshop of the first handmade materials sommelier knives, crafted with precious materials.

Official partner of the Best Sommelier of the World competition since 1993, each winner has endorsed its own Chateau Laguiole since then, the top recognition for every sommelier

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History of Quality with Innovation


Historic French manufacture making high quality knives for the table, the kitchen, the wine amateurs, and outdoor activities.

Since 1902, from its cutlery located in Thiers, Capital City of the French cutlery arts, Claude Dozorme has brought innovations to the French cutlery traditions, winning numerous prizes, including Messer Magazine Best Knife of the year

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Each recipe has its secret​


French manufacture of Cookware & Bakeware since 1830. Bocuse d’Or official sponsor, De Buyer is the favorite brands of Chefs & keen cook amateurs.

Capital magazine elected best cookware brands of French People, and CNN best Carbon steel pans in the world.

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The leading marseille soap since 1894


Founded in Marseille in 1894, the Savonnerie du Midi is one of the last historical soap factories in Marseille to perpetuate the recipe and know-how of traditional Marseille soap. This factory is steeped in history and is located at the bottom of the Carmes valley, in the Aygalades district in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille.
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Tradition - Quality - Original


French manufacture forging and handcrafting exclusively Laguiole appellation knives. Forge de Laguiole knives, known for their excellence and sharpness are found in the best tables around the world.

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Make Scents of Wine


The reference work by Jean Lenoir for making rapid progress in wine-tasting, Le Nez du Vin has been the bible and training kit of all professional sommeliers and wine amateurs since 1978.

Each aroma, mostly natural, is freshly prepared in their France workshop on order.

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The art and delight of a fine cut


From their manufacture in Thiers, France, and for 200 years, LION SABATIER & DUMAS SABATIER kitchen knives & accessories have participated in the influence of French gastronomic culture. Head chef, cordon bleu, cooking enthusiast or epicurean hedonist, wood, POM, mikarta or stainless steel handles; flexible fillet, paring or cooks’ knives,… each shape, style and function are the main reasons for the choice of a knife. As an atlas of tools and utensils of international gastronomy, or as a trip into the country of the cutlery industry, we let you discover.
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Audacity, Color and Style!


French Flatware manufacture, SABRE Paris has been revolutionizing Table Arts since 1993 to become the embodiment of a table of madness!

Sabre Paris has been praised thin New York Times top 50 tableware brands of the world.

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Honest, reasonable, and sustainable manufactoring


The only Japanese bamboo chopsticks manufacturer 100% made in Japan, in the Kamamoto prefecture. Bamboo is manually harvested locally and shaved in an ecofriendly and sustainable process.

Yamachiku chopsticks are painted by hand.

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Hyphenea is the Bridge between our European brands aspirations in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau and our Asian clients expectations.

We’re a mixed team: females + males, Chinese native speakers + French native speakers, artistic backgrounds + finance background.

In other words, we are rich of our differences and put squares in rounds. We understand and link both our brands and our clients’ different cultures.